Described as a well-mannered, sweet-natured, nihilistic punk, Stormcrow Hayes claims that living in Los Angeles hasn't made him cynical, just more enraged. He has worked on several projects for TOKYOPOP, including Afterlife, an original series with Rob Steen, the illustrator of Ricky Gervais' Flanimals, as well as adaptations for the best-selling .hack novels. Other projects include the e-zine The Idiot, of which he is the editor, and his first feature film, The Deal (a thriller starring Penelope Ann Miller, Henry Thomas, and Dean Stockwell), will be available on DVD later this year.

Below are highlights from Stormcrow Hayes's Resume:



"The Deal" - co-written with Evan Spiliotopoulos. Produced by Drimtim Entertainment, starring Penelope Ann Miller, Henry Thomas, and Dean Stockwell, 2006. 

"Vengeance" - polish for producer Sam Sleiman, 2003. 

"Brooklyn" - rewrite/polish for producer Sam Sleiman, 2002.

"Green Card Fever" - Story Editor, 2001. 

"Out for a Kill" -- uncredited rewrite for Danny Lerner at Nu Image / Millennium Films, starring Steven Seagal, 2001.

"Hindu" -- Original screenplay for producer Ovidio Assonitis at Titan Inc. Traveled to Sri Lanka for rewrite, 1999-2000.



"Commercial / Interstitial Spots" - Comedic spots for Lifetime Television, 1998.



"Afterlife" -- a graphic novel with artist Rob Steen for TOKYOPOP (publisher); Luis Reyes, editor, 2005-6. 

English adaptations of the following manga books: "Immortal Rain" volume 1-6, "Model" volume 1-7 (complete series), "One" volume 5-10, "Tramps Like Us" volumes 6-9, "Telepathic Wanderers" volumes 1-4 (complete series), and "Death Jam" volumes 1-3 (complete series).  All published by TOKYOPOP, 2003-6. 

English adaptations of the following novels: ".Hack //A.I. Buster" volumes 1 & 2, ".Hack//Another Birth" volume 1-2, and "Gundam Seed" volumes 2-3.  Published by TOKYOPOP, 2005-6.



"The Break-Up" -- produced by Christina Grozik and Russ O’Bryan, 2002. 

"Family Affair" -- optioned by producer Greg Reitman for Blue Water Entertainment, 1997.

© 2005-2007, Stormcrow Hayes
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